Giants of Math and Science Coffee Cup

Enjoy your favorite beverage in this beautiful 15 oz. ceramic mug. Click here for 3-D Rendering. Celebrate the achievements of the giants of math and science using this high-quality mug. These women and men brought about breakthroughs that have had a significant impact on important areas of math and science.

Leonhard Euler • Mathematician   Archimedes • Mathematician & Inventor
Ada Lovelace • The First Coder   Leonardo Fibonacci • Mathematician
Cecila Payne • Astronomer & Astrophysicist   Sir Isaac Newton • Mathematican, Physicist & Astronomer
Johannes Kepler • Astronomer & Mathematician   Blaise Pascal • Mathematician • Scientist & Philosopher
Albert Einstein • Theoretical Physicist   Galileo Galilei • Father of Modern Science
Earnest Rutherford • Nuclear Physicist   Gregor Mendel • Botanist
James Maxwell • Physicist & Mathematician   Bonaventura Cavalieri • Mathematician